Snowing in Shinjuku

Back to Shinjuku

Today we woke up pretty late, around 11am. That’s because we watched Catching Fire till 2am… We ate breakfast and went about doing our own thing on our computer. Conrad was either playing or watching Starcraft 2 and looking at google earth while I was catching up on Inari Kon Kon, Koi Iroha. I’m all up to date with the anime! After some morning chill time, we headed to Shinjuku. No more JRPass, which is quite a bummer.

First, we went to the biggest Uniqlo x BIC Camera store. Conrad bought 4 shirts and I bought a guy sweater (it’s thicker than woman), a pair of jeans and some work pants. OH, we also bought an iron at the BIC store upstairs. I got waaaaay too excited about home appliances. I don’t know why, but I love looking at them, pressing the buttons…etc. Then we went to our favourite Tentama noodle place in the Omoide Yokocho Street, they increased the price from 380yen to 400yen. Boo! Regardless, Conrad was happy :D Bought some shampoo and conditioner at pharmacy which was waaaaay cheaper than Nippori (we just didn’t know where to find a cheaper place…) for the set, I only pay 780yen which equal to one bottle if I bought it in Nippori. We went to a nearby arcade thinking that we’ll get an Aime card (like an IC card but for games), but that place was ridiculously expensive: 200yen for the maimai, 200yen for taiko no tatsujin, we didn’t even bother finding out how much it was for the mario kart game. We left and searched for a nearby Club Sega.

Shinjuku Club Sega is awesome. Why? Cheap games! We are addicted to arcade games. We even invested in getting an Aime card just so we can save our play progress. We played a couple round of Mario Kart and Maimai. It’s extremely embarrassing to play these rhythm games in front of others, especially when they are so damn good at it! Middle age men especially… Conrad and I like playing versus, he usually win a couple of rounds and I would win at least one. Somehow, he’s pretty good at rhythm games… but I still beat him at Mario Kart most of the time! Bwhahaha.

Oh, did I mention that it snowed for a bit. Oh Japan why? I’m done with snow. No more! We also forgot to head back to get more tissues. Damnit!