Hippo Push!

A Start

I remember back then when I was in elementary, I kept telling myself that I need to write a diary to remind myself what happened back then. However, I was lazy so it was put off many times. I’ve recently graduated from university and wanted to travel the world before settling down. Therefore, I made up my mind to start a blog about my travel (a little late, I’m already travelling already) and also to improve my writing (don’t mind the grammar mistakes hah!). Travelling is no easy task, I’ve been spending many hours looking at many informations with my boyfriend Conrad. Not to mention, keeping everything within a budget. Before my travel, I also took a TEFL course to be certified to teach English oversea. This is no easy task again, as an Asian, it’s hard (but doable) to teach English in Asia because they prefer people who have blue-eyed and blonde hair. Oh.. you know what I mean. I’m mentally struggling with that idea but I know I can do it!

I guess my challenge is to be able to push myself to work hard as I am balancing time between travelling and working. I want to do so much but I give up too easy too. I’ll try to post as much as I can. Here’s a quote that I heard from a designer in China, “Be harder on yourself and the world will treat you better”. Everything sound cheesy right now but I know that I’ll appreciate the cheesiness later. Haha