Sunset at Boracay beach


It was time to leave Hong Kong and go to the Philippines to meet up with my boy and have a great time at a wedding! I’m so excited!

After a month in Hong Kong, I flew to the Philippines for my friend/co-worker’s wedding. After being in chilly Hong Kong (I really shouldn’t complain, it’s not that cold), I literally stripped off all my clothes when I arrived. It was hot and I love it! Miko picked me up from the terminal 3 and we head off to terminal 1 (apparently ranked the worst airport in the world) to pick up Conrad. We dropped our luggage at our airbnb place and experienced horrible Manila traffic. We went to the place where I like to call home: The SM Megamall. HOLY FUCK, it’s huge. We went back almost everyday! Food, shopping, movie… literally the best place on Earth. Movie was only four bucks! SO CHEAP! How many workers do you need to operate a store? Yes, ask yourself that, because it’s never enough. The Filipinos take that to the next level. Almost every rack has an employee. How many employee do you need to help you? We had maybe 3? Pretty damn amazing. I do miss having someone open the door for me. Any door.

Manila: the wedding
Angeli and Miko’s wedding was magical. I don’t even know where to begin! Day of the wedding, we met up with Miko at the hotel, where he and his wife-to-be spend a night apart and have their own photo shoot session before the wedding. When we got to the church, I made some new friends, met up with old ones. Stunning wedding, so beautiful! I’m so happy that I got to be apart of it. The reception showed me that the Filipinos can really party. Ate a lot, drank a lot and danced a lot.

Beautiful white soft powder snow that never gets hot. The flight getting there took some time (Cebu flight always delay), we made it there 2 hours later. I think it’s wonderful that everyone made it there. Meeting and bonding with new people. Yes, I had 4 eggs for breakfast 2 days in a row… What else, HAPPY HOURS 2-8pm. Delicious smoothie: papaya and mango with milk. We rented a boat and went scuba diving out in the ocean on our last day. Weather was a bit cold and it was pretty windy out in the water. At the end of the trip is where things went a bit downhill. I got sick after eating a pack of peanuts that I brought. Threw up and all… literally fetus position in the washroom for the rest of the night. Conrad, being a sweetheart was taking care of me until he started throwing up… yup, we were both out. After that day, Conrad never poop again. 7/21 was his new nickname.

Back to Manila, we made it in one piece. Poor Conrad was really sick… we weren’t sure if he was able to make it back to Manila. We had to take all the possible transportations: trike, ferry, bus, airplane and taxi. Surprisingly, he made it back without throwing up. He did passed out once we got back with a fever. We got to experience some local cuisine in Manila with Miko and Ange. Watched a cheap movie in the SM theatre: Wolf of Wall Street with many detergent advertisements. Ate Jollybee, which answered my question why they love Church’s Chicken so much.

We left at 2am to Baler to experience some surfing which I kinda regret not doing. I made a comfortable bed in the trunk and passed out throughout the whole ride which was roughly around 4-6 hours. Lots of bonding time, yummy food, watch everyone surf and really chillax there. Conrad and I spend most of the days getting our resume ready and looking for ESL teaching job in Japan. Jacky looks after Miko’s family house in Baler is an amazing guy. We called him “the man” because he solve basically every problem we have. He also made us some delicious Tuna fried with onion with rice. On our way back from sightseeing, Miko got attack by a baby bat. The bat escaped his cage the following day which we cannot explain how it can even happen. I found out that I am great in Jenga and had some great Jenga moment with Conrad, Aston and Alex. Conrad had his first poop, which made everyone really happy, especially Miko who I quote “Seriously, I am so happy for you man.” Also after that, everyone started counting how many days they haven’t poo… haha. Epic spider, snail, hornet, prying mantis, ants, gecko..well basically every living creature battle in a small container.

La Union
After a million hours of driving, actually around 8 hours, we made it to La Union, a popular surf spot in the Philippines. Stayed at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel owned by Mia Sebastian, friends of Aya, Miko and Ang. Amazing hostel. Amazing staffs. Sadly and I do regret (just a teeny bit) that I didn’t go surfing again. But, no big deal! I still enjoy my time there, getting some sun on! Waves were humongous, Conrad and I went to play around in the water and to be honest, I got a bit freaked out. Those waves are powerful and sucks the sand right under you. We watched everyone surf: the noob and the pros, the beautiful sunset. The only downside was the lack of sleep I was getting… since our little hut was right beside the common area, people were drinking and having a great time… but, it’s so LOUD especially those who were drunk. Not Cool.

Manila: last days
On our last day, we met up with everyone at Hooters (for Alex or Migs) which is located near the Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in Asia. We didn’t have time to go there. BOO! We even got the gals to sing for Aston’s birthday. We left the next day with probably less than 2 hours of sleep and got to experience the worst airport in the world. Oh, and we have to pay an airport fee?!? What kind of bullshit is that? Well, off to Japan we go!

Manila is definitely interesting. We realized that they love SWEET food and can party like no tomorrow. I will definitely miss the SM Malls.