Snowing in Shinjuku

Back to Shinjuku

Today we woke up pretty late, around 11am. That’s because we watched Catching Fire till 2am… We ate breakfast and went about doing our own thing on our computer. Conrad was either playing or watching Starcraft 2 and looking at google earth while I was catching up on Inari Kon Kon, Koi Iroha. I’m all up to date with the anime! After some morning chill time, we headed to Shinjuku. No more JRPass, which is quite a bummer.

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Nippori Station

New place, chill day

Finally moved to a new place, it’s small but that’s Japan for you! We already met two of our roommates, one is from Australia teaching Business English here and the other is from France who’s here as an Biochem intern at Tokyo University. Our new place is 7 min from the Nippori station and is close to convenient stores and restaurants. Pretty cool. We also got 80,000yen knocked off because we are only staying here for a month.

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