Tokyo Tower at night

What have we been doing in Japan?
Tokyo: Part 1

Never realized that it’s hard to keep a blog. It’s definitely a lot of work updating what I’m doing everyday. This is important for me for me to write down what I’m doing for my future self. It’s also nice to just send a link to friends so they know what’s up. Is a blog necessary? I mean, there’s other social media to keep in touch with everyone like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (which is just a Instagram links haha)…etc. To be honest, I’m not good at writing. I’m terrified of writing. Grammar mistakes are everywhere haha, but that doesn’t matter. It’s important to just keep writing. I’ll get better at it in time, the more I do it. Well, moving on… I’ll try to recap what we’re been doing in Japan… (Oh! This will be fun :O).

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