Tokyo Tower at night

What have we been doing in Japan?
Tokyo: Part 1

Never realized that it’s hard to keep a blog. It’s definitely a lot of work updating what I’m doing everyday. This is important for me for me to write down what I’m doing for my future self. It’s also nice to just send a link to friends so they know what’s up. Is a blog necessary? I mean, there’s other social media to keep in touch with everyone like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (which is just a Instagram links haha)…etc. To be honest, I’m not good at writing. I’m terrified of writing. Grammar mistakes are everywhere haha, but that doesn’t matter. It’s important to just keep writing. I’ll get better at it in time, the more I do it. Well, moving on… I’ll try to recap what we’re been doing in Japan… (Oh! This will be fun :O).

Tokyo 東京
A ridiculously early flight from Manila to Tokyo, Japan. Now, I have to agree that Manila Terminal 1 Airport (they have four terminals and all very far apart…) is the worst airport I’ve been to. It is super run down and you have to pay an airport fee (from my understanding of this… it is because the tax was not included on your airfare…but that sounds very fishy). It’s 6am in the morning, we had to go through almost a million bag search and we’re not allowed to eat in the waiting area… well, at least there’s wifi.

We finally made it to Tokyo after a tiring flight! First thing we did was to pick up our rental sim card from Softbank (105yen/day, we needed a phone number!) and also our portable wifi from Econnect. The portable wifi is an awesome device! Saved us from being lost and finding wifi in Japan is not easy! Afterward, we took the N’ex (1,500) x Suica Combo, we got a sweet Suica card and also got to ride on a sweet train! From there, we headed straight to Shinjuku and transfer to Nakano-sakaue. First embarrassing story, we were pretty overwhelmed by how busy the Shinjuku station. There were so many stores in the station that we actually thought we left the JR Station but we didn’t. Long story short: we tried to leave the station using our newly acquired Suica card but couldn’t figure out why we can’t enter but really, we haven’t left yet. Very noob move. We made our way over to Nakano-sakaue through the Marunouchi Line to our Airbnb. Our place for the next two weeks is pretty roomy, we pay around $36/night because they are tearing down this building. Great place!

Shinjuku 新宿
Love this place. Great food and shopping area. We never stop going back to Shinjuku. It’s just a great place. We checked out the 思い出横町 Omoide Yokocho. A small alleyway with many small restaurants. Lots of yakitori food stalls which we haven’t tried yet. We came across a noodle place that sells Tentamasoba (they also have udon), cheap and delicious (380yen/bowl). Thinking back, I was pretty embarrass about speaking Japanese compare to now. We also went into different drugstores. There were many in Shinjuku and they are great for buying medicine, cosmetics, shampoos…etc. I think most of the great deals lies here compare to the other area. :D We’re definitely coming back because there’s so much to do in Shinjuku! We haven’t even experience making our own okonomiyaki yet!

Shibuya 渋谷
We checked out the popular intersection! Actually thought about Tokyo Drift for some odd reason… Had our first parfait! This started our quest to start our parfait90x diet! We saw Forever21 everywhere, just thought I need to mention that. Everytime we got lost, we seem to find our way from Forever21. Great for shopping? Most of the clothes I saw there was very girly. Everything is way too girly! Hopefully next time I can find something. Great place for young people to hang out! We had our first argument in Shibuya and of course, we made up and went home.

Ghibli Museum ジブリ美術館
Located in Mitaka, (an area that we’re interested to live in) near a park. We were super stoked to enter the magical Ghibli World! I really don’t understand why photography is not allowed inside. It might be a distraction for other people… (poops!) but really, as much as we enjoyed it, we wished there was more. They did a great job capturing the details: small and intimate. We watched a short film about a girl and a dog. It was cute, but they could do better. We hung out and had lunch in the Straw Cafe, we drank out of real straw in our ginger ale (delicious!) and had creme soups! We had a great time there and we also thought about ways how it could improve. We both agree that Disney does a great job creating different worlds in their parks, why can’t the Ghibli studio? Who knows.

Roppongi 六本木
Apart from the elegant and luxurious retails and space, we were attracted by the art cultural aspect of Roppongi. We decided to go randomly one night and winded up at 21_21 Design Sight near Tokyo Midtown. The show complied past design exhibitions. The building by Tadao Ando is a low-rise structure with a huge sloping roof. I’m excited to go back for the next show.

We also decided on the same night to go check out the Tokyo Tower since it’s close by. It’s quite a walk, but not too bad. We didn’t want to go up because we heard that the Tokyo Skytree is better, so we just chill below and got some night shots! This is also gave us the opportunity to try out an izakaya that we found randomly online. Googled “cheap izakaya roppongi” and you get… 松ちゃん Matsu-chan! Although located near Tokyo Midtown, it was a bit difficult to locate. 180yen beer is hard to say no to! We drank up and ate up! By the way, this place is totally not very touristy, mostly salarymen so it really tested my Japanese skills. Our waiter also avoid us because they knew we were foreigner… lol. At that time, I was still embarrassed about speaking it… so was Conrad. We winded up ordering a plate of wieners with mustard dipping (tasty) as our first dish because I was slow at reading Katakana… Did not make that mistake unless you like wieners! It was just a bit awkward for me. We had sushi, sukiyaki and lots of beer!

Yokohama 横浜
We met up with a good friend of mine that we recently met while on a trip to PAX. She happened to be in Japan so we met up to go to Yokohama. We decided to meet up in Shinjuku station, hahahahahaha… best or worst place to meet someone. This station is ridiculously huge, maybe not the best place to meet someone! Took us a while before we found each other. I also sent her a photo of a gate and said “we’re here!”… that actually doesn’t work, because every gate looks the same! We had a great laugh when we met up!

First up… Cup Noodle Museum! Looked at some history of Chicken Ramen and how the cup noodle was invented. We customized our own cup noodle and made our own chicken ramen from scratch. Honestly, the best attractive ever. Then, we decided to go to the Ramen Museum, fail! Just feel like you’re back to old Japan and you have to pay for your own ramen. Not worth going back.

3331 Chiyoda
Space that host art events and exhibitions. You can even join their art residence program. Not too much was going on when we were there. But, we did enjoy a few works.

Akihabara 秋葉原
Famous for electronics, anime, mangas stores and  lots of arcades! After Yokohama, we all came to Akihabara for some purikura actions. We also bought awesome portable batteries. Oh yea, we checked out the famous 7 floors sex shop, M’s. Checked out the latest sex toys and costumes. We also judged some photos that were posted along the staircase. We had many trips back to Akihabara, especially when we didn’t have any plans. We won a couple of stuff animals (Conrad thinks the machines are rigged, I agree but is very addicted), flipped some tables, purikura’ed and bought some more electronics. For some reason, we love looking at keyboards, don’t know why.

We had our first maid cafe experience at Maidreaming. It was fun and I loved it! Most of the maid are cute, except for a couple… there were times when I crossed my fingers hoping that they won’t come and served us… haha! My favourite maid served us our order of parfait (hah!) and bear omurice (so cute!). Since Conrad was there, they tried their best to speak to us in English… which is not cute. Nope. Can’t Do. Before she did the charm for our food, I asked her if she can do it in Japanese because it’s way cuter (it was the most well put together sentence ever!). I have to admit, Conrad and I nailed it! Later, I overheard her telling other maids what I said! Pretty awesome :D! We asked her for a photo with us… and we didn’t care that we had to pay an addition 500yen. She was cute and we had fun!

I’ll write more tomorrow. Burnt out from recalling everything we did. :O