I love the steep roof

What have we been doing in Japan?

Our last time before settling down is Takayama or also known as Hida Takayama. We took a 3 hours train ride from Kyoto to Nagoyo to Takayama.

Our trains weaved through the snowy mountains and houses. We were interested in going there because of its beautifully preserved old towns and old farm houses. We checked into our hostel, rested for a bit and headed out to find something to eat. We ate some delicious ramen with Hida beef and also beef sushi.

The next day, we decided to go check out Hida no Sato. It’s an outdoor museum that exhibits over 30 different kinds of traditional farmhouses from the Hida region, mountain area of Gifu around Takayama. It was really interesting. You can even go inside to look at the interior. I really like the ones with the steep rooftop. The only downside is having to take off your shoes every time you go in… our feet were so cold! But definitely a great visit.

Afterward, we went to see Takayama’s Old Town. It has many buildings that are beautifully preserved dating from the Edo period. We wanted to do a sake tour but we didn’t have time. We also decided to splurge on some delicious Hida Beef 飛騨牛.

We headed back to Tokyo the next day. Goodbye snow!