Asakusa Temple

What have we been doing in Japan?
Tokyo: Part 2

We stayed at Tokyo for at least 2 weeks before activating our JR Pass to explore the other parts of Japan. What else have we done in Tokyo?

浅草 Asakusa
We decided to explore the more traditional part of Tokyo: Asakusa. We walked along Nakamise Shopping Street to the famous Sensoji Temple (the one with the giant red lantern). Lots of old shops along the way with yummy snacks like Senbei! Got a few charms for Conrad, Myself and our newlywed friends in the Philippines. Ofcourse, one of the things we had to do was to get our fortune told called omikuji. There’s different grade of the omikuji – 大吉 (Very Lucky), 吉 (Lucky), 凶 (Unlucky), and 大凶 (Very Unlucky). I had the worst fortune, it was along the line of “You will never succeed anything”, which was really depressing! When you get a bad fortune, you tied it on the wire rack so you don’t bring the bad luck home. We also watched two grown men struggling to tie a omikuji on the rack, pretty funny.

Since the Tokyo Skytree was a walking distance from Asakusa, we decided to go check it out as well! We didn’t go up because the day wasn’t as nice as we hope for. Walked around the shopping area for a bit and headed back to Asakusa for some food! We found a place for 回転寿司 Kaiten sushi, which is sushi on convey belt. We ate quite a bit, but it was so delicious. Oh, shall I mention that there was an annoying couple (white man and asian lady. They were so annoying that even the sushi chef told them to “shut up” in a polite way. He liked us way better, because we were cute and polite. Then we headed to Roppongi for some more art museum actions!

Roppongi 六本木 
We decided to check out the Mori Art Museum 10th Anniversary Exhibition: Andy Warhol after walking past the poster in the subway a couple times. A great show. I learned quite a lot and felt as if I was right there throughout Warhol’s career. I love his series 25 Cats named Sam and One Blue Pussy and children’s illustrations. He also had an Japanese commercial which was quite hilarious. LOVE LOVE the song.

Harajuku 原宿
We checked out the famous and popular fashion district. But since it was a weekday, not much street fashion on the street. We checked out the shops along Takeshita Dori, hoping to find Conrad some new treads but surprisingly no luck. One thing that puzzled us was how expensive the thrift shops were. Now, I think that they’re just selling vintage clothing that’s why they’re so expensive. So thrift shop ≠ used clothing. I got a jacket though! That was exciting! Wait, I lied… we experienced our first crepe in Harajuku! We also got lost and winded up in the Omotesando Hills, where most of the upscale shops are.

We spent the next few days enjoying snow in Tokyo and revisiting places that we love. We also stopped taking the metro to go to Shinjuku once we figured how close we were to it. This was great because we really got to know the neighbourhood really well! Nakano-sakaue is a great area to live in. We also got to experience snow in Japan as well!